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Mini-Zine Review: A Guide to Op Shopping

A Guide to Op Shopping

A Guide to Op Shopping
Jane Cantwell

I got this, A History of Abandoned Hobbies, A Guide to Letter Writing, and A Guide to Being Cool as a lovely little bundle.*

A Guide to Op Shopping is an A7-sized zine in full colour with maps as backgrounds. (Love it.) You definitely get the sense that Jane is a serious op shopper and likes to hunt down a bargain. I’m not much of an op shopper myself, but her zine (and my wallet) make me feel like I should really get into it.

Though I am familiar with op shopping, I did learn something in that I didn’t know a student card could possibly get you discounts. That’s definitely good to know.

The little note on the back (I won’t spoil it) made me smile and wrapped up the whole thing nicely.

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