Mini-Zine March Wrap-Up

How is it April already?

I know, I know. You’ve probably heard people saying that, but I still had my head in February. I feel like I didn’t get a firm grip on March, and here we are in April.


Because of the way the dates fell, I ended up reviewing fifteen mini-zines. I do have to giggle a little at March 1st being a Wednesday and thus the start to reviews and March 31st being a Friday and thus the end. Some years are cheeky like that.

I feel like I haven’t even made a real dent in my pile of to-be-read mini-zines, but that just means I won’t be hurting for zines to review anytime soon. I’m happy to get back to zines of all shapes and sizes, but I really do love being able to dedicate some time to the itty bitties.

This year – only the second year – we had some participants, too!

As I mentioned previously, Hannah Brown participated by making four mini-zines. Hannah’s wrap-up post is a lovely one with all kinds of excitement about making zines.

Echo created a FREE activist feminist mini-zine! That’s right. All you have to do is click on that link and head over to Echo Publishing to grab your free copy of a mini-zine. You have to print it yourself, but there instructions for how to get your paper folding on.

Thank you so much for joining in and generously sharing your zine!

That’s going to wrap it up for this year. I’m just so pleased as punch to have had people joining in this year. I hope we can continue to grow things in years to come so even more people are joining in the fun and making mini-zines.

Your Thoughts?

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