One of my consistent crafty-type things is making zines (handmade magazines of various shapes and sizes). I have made a few, but my only ‘series’ zine is called Dear Anonymous. People from around the world send me letters that I interpret in an artistic way (no words changed, just put on paper in different ways) and bundle together into a zine. (Some of the letters are hard to read because of the content. Fair warning.)

Along with my love of zines, I have a love of mail – sending and receiving. I adore that little rush of excitement when I see something *not* official with my name on it in my post box. I imagine others feel the same.

The holidays aren’t the easiest time for me, so I like to soothe myself by putting RAKs (random acts of kindness) out into the world. This year, I figure I’ll combine all these things into one whopping mail frenzy. I think it will be fun.

So, anyone who puts a mailing address in the comments or emails me will receive copies of Dear Anonymous 1 & 2. Open to anyone on the planet. For the entire month of December.

I’ll buy stamps at the Post Office today.

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