International Zine Month

International Zine Month Days 10 & 11 – New Zine Friends & International Zines

Hello, zine friends! I hope you’re well today. I apologise for missing out on yesterday’s IZM prompt. When you run out of spoons, you run out of spoons, right? That just means there are double the prompts today, haha. So let’s get to it!

Yesterday’s prompt:

Write a letter to a zinemaker you don’t know

I decided to write to Juli Jumprope, who rights the Homebody Herald. I’ve never actually read Juli’s zine myself, but Billy of East Coast Adventures recommended it and kindly provided a point of contact. ^_^

Today’s prompt is:

International Zine Day! Buy, share, or read a zine from a country different to your own

Today I am sitting down with ‘Let Your Fingers Do the Walking’ by Johnnie B Baker who lives in the US.

I do review a heap of zines from all around the world, though, so if you want to check out more zines from other places, be sure to look at the Zine Review Index.

What are you up to today? Have you written to a zinemaker you don’t know? What zines are you buying, reading, or otherwise sharing? Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day!


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