International Zine Month

International Zine Month 2018 – Day 12 – ZineWiki Day!

Hello, zine friends! Today’s posts are brought to you by the power of zine love because, without it, I would probably sleep all day. Haha. My spoons are running away at a rapid pace. Today highlights a great zinemaker resource, though, so I could hardly stay in bed and miss it!

Today’s prompt is:

ZineWiki Day! Add to or update

ZineWiki is what it sounds – a wiki site for zines, zinemaking, and zinemakers. There are directories that you can search by name, by country, and more. You can also search for individual zines and maybe find out more about the zine and the person or people who made it.

You can create and edit your own pages as well as add your pages to the various directories. It does take a bit of learning if you’re not familiar, but it’s not too difficult, and you can find help on the help page.

You can also ask for assistance in the comments as well. ^_^

Have you set up a Wiki page? Leave the link in the comments!


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