I’m at The Melbourne Art Book Fair!

Okay, so I’m not there yet. I’m actually on the train right now on my way to the Art Book Fair, but I will be there soon! More specifically, I will be at a table from 1.30 to 5pm.

I will have copies of all the Dear Anonymous zines, all the Don’t Call Me Cupcake zines, Umbrella, Hairy, and DAFUQ. I’ll be launching Don’t Call Me Cupcake 7 as well as this little beauty…

Yep. A zine dedicated to my favourite swear, now and forever.

While I’ll definitely be there today, I’ll see how I go about getting back down to Melbourne tomorrow and/or Sunday. I won’t be tabling those days, but that will mean more time and ability to wander. (And check out your awesome zines if you’re tabling.)

Please note: I am terrified. I’m sweating, my eyes are red because what’s better than crying when you’re anxious, and I’m just trying to breathe. Some of this you may see, some of this you may not. Just know that I want to say hello, and I want to meet and be friendly because I am totally friendly. But I’m also dealing with this irrational fear of other human beings as well as anything I may say or do when I’m not feeling in control of myself.

Please don’t take it personally if I’m horrible with names or I glisten with the light of one thousand suns because anxiety heats me up like an oven in Alice Springs during summer.

I love zines. I love zine people. My lizard brain just happens to think that everything outside my door is going to crush me into tiny particles of fear and sweet potatoes.


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