Happy Mail

Holy Happy Mail, Batman!

A late Happy Mail coming to you.

To be quite honest, I didn’t expect to be doing happy mail today. I am not in contact with my blood relatives and neither is my partner, so this time of year is usually quiet. My anxiety skyrockets as well with all the hustle, bustle and nerves of people, so I tend not to go to many social occasions.

That being said, I’m happy to be proven wrong. Last week was an awesome week for mail. I’m going to tuck all the pictures in behind a ‘more’ tag so it doesn’t take ages for the blog to load up for anyone.



Not a zine, but I do think it’s pretty darn cool that a classmate and friend of mine achieved his dream of getting his book published.


Christmas postcards! Why didn’t I think of that? A Zine Thing send the ‘Zine-mas’ one, and the one on the left is an actual card from a friend. The bottom right one is from someone I ‘met’ on SendSomething.net.


This naughty little zine has been wandering around Australia for ages! I blame Queensland. Haha. This is a from a trade with a member of We Make Zines. I nearly bought this when I went to Sticky, but I crossed my fingers and kept telling myself that it would arrive eventually. And it did!


This one took me back a minute, because it’s not often that I get mail from the UK. Lo and behold, I follow Hand Job Zine on WordPress, so I wasn’t confused for long! They were gracious enough to send me a copy. I’m very eager to dig in.


Nearly missed this lovely little Christmas card from one of the few people I sent Christmas cards to.


I stared at this one for a good while before I figured out why it had landed in my mailbox in all its handmade envelope goodness. I finally remembered that I had some spare cash a while back and sent out a bunch of my zines to people on SendSomething.net. ‘Jess Freedom’ actually mailed me back!


How cool is this little ‘secret’ message? Some of the adhesive took the words off, but you get the gist.


Happy holidays to me! There is a lot of zine reading in my future. What an awesome surprise.


This cute little zine snuck in at the last minute (another Monday post run). An awesome holiday surprise from Clifton Carroll. I love how Clifton does the ‘traditional’ fold one piece of paper into an 8 page zine but leaves one a little long so there is an ‘edge’ on the comic (the one that says ‘Happy Holidays’ in this one.


Well, that’s all for me for now. Thank you to everyone who sent me goodies and/or reads this blog. You make an otherwise very tense time of year (for me) a lot better.


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