Happy Mail

Happy Mail Tuesday!

Hello, hello!

Because yesterday was Australia Day, the post office wasn’t open. I did manage to get there today and found that I had received such a cool zine package. Not package as in box but definitely package as in ‘zine with extras!’. Those extras? Really cool art!


Check that out. Isn’t it cool? The ones on the middle and left with solid navy blue backgrounds are actual postcards, and the one that is about the same size on the bottom (with the cool man in the moon) has been drawn on the back of the cover for watercolour postcards. I love being able to see the marker/pen strokes and such. The two bigger pieces at the top have drawings on the front and back, but I forgot to take pictures of the back. Oopsie. I am looking forward to digging into the zine itself. Very happy mail!


I received a couple of other things in the mail, too, but they aren’t zine-specific. I’m going to tuck those behind the more tag so you can view if you want to and not it if you don’t.

May your mailbox bring you happiness.

These require a little explaining.

I’m part of a planner/diary/organiser group on Facebook specifically geared toward Erin Condren planners. They are only available in the States, and the shipping to Australia is pretty damn expensive, so this group gets together to make orders and split the shipping cost between them.

This group also has a smaller RAK (random acts of kindness) group within it. I was a part of that group for a good year and some (by my estimate). However, with the way things are in my life right now – especially financially – I decided that it wouldn’t be fair of me to stay in the group. There isn’t a minimum send or anything, but I knew I wouldn’t be sending anything to anyone for a while…

I ended up posting my decision in the group so I could catch people before they might send me anything. No dramas, no big deal, just an announcement thanking them and making it clear that I wasn’t leaving the RAK group forever.

A couple members took it upon themselves to send me some cheering up mail…


So sweet! The card inside has a note from the sender about knowing what it’s like when things are tight. So many awesome goodies, and the bracelet is awesome.


Another amazing, generous person contacted me because she’d been looking for the ‘right’ person to give a planner. She’d unbound it and decorated it a bit, but it was otherwise just like new (without covers). I was absolutely gobsmacked and thanked her so much that she probably thinks I’m a bit crazy now. Haha. She also sent so much awesome stuff like stickers to go along with everything.

Very, very cool. So, while it might not come back to you right away, putting positive energy out into the world does come back. 🙂 Usually when you least expect it.

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