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Happy Mail – Sticky Institute Goodies

Well… This week is a bit of a different ‘Happy Mail’ with a few non-zine things coming my way along with me running around Melbourne for a couple days that included a trip to the one and only Sticky Institute. [Insert squeal of excitement. More on that later.]


These gems are pretty much zines not by that name. An awesome local author, O. Spaniel Murray, sends out these short stories every now and then. For free! This is my first set.


This little set of fun things came as an RAK for a planner/organiser group I am in. Blue is one of my favourite colours, and I do have a smidge of a stationery addiction…


I don’t know why my camera made these turn the kind of orange they appear to be here. They’re really a gentler orange. I thought these were hilarious, and I had to grab them. The first of my Sticky finds.


The next lot of goodies! I picked up a bunch of zines for review fodder.


For the life of me, I can’t remember where I’d heard of these before. Still, I had to get them both when I saw them.


A few more treasures that caught my eye.


I do have a thing for the A5 zines. I pretty much went with a variety of things – covers that caught my eye, titles that sounded interesting, so on and so forth. I figured that was as good a way as any to get a variety of zines to review.

I’ll have more to say about reviews and such in the next post. Until then…

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