Happy Mail

Happy Mail, Shiny Mail, & Mystery Mail?!

This past week has been a very, very happy week (and some) for my post box, which made the less than great aspects of the week easier to bear.

It’s also brought to light that my mail tracking system is less than ideal. Idle Emma mentioned in passing how she tracks mail in one of her videos, and that’s really inspired me to shape up. Always room to improve!

On to the happy mail awesomeness.


Back before my dear Asimov had his medical emergency, I decided that I was finally in a good enough space to get something I’ve been after for ages… a Sticky Institute dog tag! Lo and behold, they sent it along with some zine-y goodness! <3


How cool is this? And it was only $3 AUD at their Big Cartel if you’d like to get one of your own.


Say hello to the mystery mail portion of this week’s happy mail! This Zine-O-Matic slice of absolute awesomeness arrived completely unexpectedly, and I have been dancing on sunshine since. Especially because I had no idea who’d sent it.

Zine-O-Matic is a zine subscription service that gives zines to your mailbox every month. It’s like Lootcrate for zine enthusiasts, and I absolutely adore the concept. So you can imagine the top level of fangirling I went to when I opened this envelope up.

Okay, so in the time between when I started this post and now, it’s come to light who sent this along. However, for a few days, I had the excited pleasure of having absolutely no idea who sent along this zines-and-stuff-filled envelope of delight. Made even more special by the fact that I’ve wanted to get Shit Talk and Slowquest in my hands for what feels like months now.



This lovely is another piece of completely unexpected happy mail from Elizabeth at Tenderly Surrender. I totally felt like a toddler with something shiny when I took this out of the envelope because the aesthetics of it got me straight away. This isn’t the place to review, zines, though, so you’ll have to wait for my review to find out what I’m on about.


More zine awesomeness from the UK (now officially on my ‘places I really need to go’ list)! People who make zines like this, you have to tell me how you’re doing it. These look so amazing and clean cut! You all know I love all the zines, but I can certainly appreciate some to-the-edge printing and nice, nice paper. Wowza. And yay for mail art! I love it. I apologise for – because it is at a level I need to apologise for – not taking a picture of the art Misha did on the back of the envelope. So much fun.

Big Tight is just getting going with a site, so be sure to head over there and check it out.


Shiny! How could I not smile when seeing a shiny, reflective silver envelope in my post box? Billy certainly knows how to liven up a post box. Hahaha.

This beauty snuck in today, so I grabbed a shot outside to include in today’s post. Please excuse my fingers, but I had to hold the zine shut! Billy sends his zines bound but not folded to help save on postage (#protip), so this chunky little zine kept wanting to spring open. Woohoo! So much reading ahead.


I am so utterly, utterly gobsmacked by the pure joy people have sent me in the post. Truly. I am so happy when I see things in the post, when I open them up, and even later on when I’m posting about them. This post has me all kinds of happy all over again, and I can’t stop smiling. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and have a beautiful week!

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