Happy Mail,  Pictures

Happy Mail! Oh, Sweet Happy Mail

Just when I thought I would have no happy mail to share for the week, These little lovelies come in last minute.

Zines, glorious zines!


Zine Ninja had a glorious swim through the creative pages of this wonderful envelope stuffed full of ziiiiiiines. Love it. These were put together by Nat from Sticky. Apparently I opted to be paid in zines this round for stocking my zines there. Never would have guessed. Haha. There are heaps of new reading materials. BUT there is one that I already have a copy of. I smell a giveaway coming up!


On another note, I received this lovely (despite my less-than-stellar photography) pocket letter from the US. It had all kinds of little goodies, including a super adorable fox stamp set.

(Want to know what pocket letters are? Click this link.)

So yes, I’m a very happy bunny with all these goodies. I’ll be sending more out into the world in the hopes more nice things visit my post box. Keep in mind that my post box is open to all friendly happy mail. My focus is on zines, but I loooooove any positive mail. 🙂

Your Thoughts?

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