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Happy Mail Monday: Wonderful Friends

Hello, zine friends! Welcome to another Happy Mail Monday where I share the wonderful snail mail goodness that has come my way in the past week.

I must admit I nearly missed today because it’s a public holiday here in South Australia, so this quiet town I’m in is especially quiet. However, wonderful friends have sent wonderful mail, so how can I not be in the spirit to share?

I was pouting a bit on Twitter about moving out of Victoria mere weeks before the Tonerpalooza 2 – especially because I wanted a super cute YES pin (which I thought was a sticker but am super pleased is a pin) by @yippywhippy. Well Apples very generously volunteered to stop in and pick one up for me!

Even better, she surprised me with a zine – fresh made by her friend on the day of sending. How nice is that? A very happy little package indeed. Many, many thanks to Apples for her help – and to Avery for the zine!

Just in case anyone noticed the fuzz in the background of the picture, yes, Asimov wanted to get in on the photo session.

This isn’t zine-related mail, but I figure happy mail is happy mail, right? I want to share it all!

A friend of mine went to Japan recently, and she picked up some goodies for me! The ninja and Totoro letter sets are super cute – and of course the little fox (something says fox rather than cat, but I’m not sure) is too. The glint of gold is a bookmark from a Miyazaki film I’m not familiar with (but will now definitely search out), and the other packs are origami paper.

There is a gorgeous notebook on the right, which is so cool not only in and of itself but also because I’ve wanted to teach myself Japanese style book binding for ages. Then we have the Snoopy (squee!) pencil case! I’m not ‘into’ Charlie Brown on the whole, but I always loved Snoopy because he was always writing a novel (like me as a kid). Hehe.

Though she likely won’t see this post, thank you to my friend M for thinking of me on her wonderful holiday!

PS. There was also Pocky in the package, but… well, I love Pocky and ate them before I got to taking pictures. Oopsie.


That’s all the mail goodness for me this week. I am in the midst of unpacking boxes and organising my new office space, so if you have any favourite organisation tips, websites, or the like, please leave a comment! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed over here at the moment.

May your week ahead be beautiful, and the birdsong be lovely.

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