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Happy Mail Monday – Saying Hello Postcards

It’s a cold, dreary Monday here in Victoria, but I suspect I will be saying that a lot for the next few months if I don’t stop myself. My electric blanket is once again a good friend of mine.

What do you do when you have a few dollars in Paypal but Paypal won’t let you transfer those few dollars into your bank account? Why you get zines on Etsy, of course!

I picked up Mythologising Me 11 and Mythologising Me 12 / Say Hi And Wave 3 Perzine Split from Mythologising Me on Etsy. I do have a soft spot for perzines, and I’m eager to get into these.

Sober Bob snuck in with a surprise Monday postcard to say hello. I love it! I love unexpected mail, of course, and I doubly love sending things and things people send ‘just because’. Thank you so much Sober Bob!

That’s it for me today. It’s a busy week ahead here with Wanderer being ill and a rental inspection coming up. If not before, I’ll be back on Thursday with a zine review!

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