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Happy Mail Monday – New Friends Edition

Hello, hello friends! I’m so happy to share lovely mail from three new zine friends and friend JEM from Victoria! Check out the lovely things zinemakers around the world have been making.

Thank you so much for watching.

Awesome People/Places/Spaces Mentioned:

*Shayan Shafii – https://memory-circuit.neocities.org/ / shayanshafii@gmail.com

*Mash and Corn – Snakebite Publishing

*Jason Randell – https://www.instagram.com/jasorandell/
*Habitual Novelties – https://habitualnovelties.com/

*JEM Hast – https://www.jemhast.com/
*Beanstalk 1 Zine Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-beanstalk-volume-1-the-hat-edition/

*Sticky Institute – https://www.stickyinstitute.com/
*Small Zine Volcano – https://smallzinevolcano.bigcartel.com/
*Friday Nights in West Ealing Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-friday-night-in-west-ealing-76/

*International Zine Month – http://www.stolensharpierevolution.org/international-zine-month/


Super Awesome Earrings by https://linktr.ee/_godsavethequeer_

(Not sponsored – I just like them)


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