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Happy Mail Monday – Glorious Pins Edition


It’s Happy Mail Monday, and oh what a happy Monday it is! So much fun mail. πŸ™‚

Pins, glorious pins from Sober Bob! We made a trade, but Bob had to wait for the pins to come in. Obviously, they’ve arrived! I’m so excited. I’ve had eyes for the ‘prepared for nothing’ pin since I first saw it.

Yay for trades, and yay (and thank you) for Sober Bob!

Issues 3 and 4 of Lost Projects Zine came as a complete surprise – and came with a sticker and pin!

If you’re not familiar, Lost Projects zine is:

This zine is about those lost things, that snarl at you across time and space… the ones that you don’t or won’t let go… those that skew memories and alter self-image and friendliness sharing…

I love the whole concept of this zine, and I am absolutely thrilled they thought to send me copies of their zine. I’m eager to dig in – and to submit work to future issues!

Thank you, Lost Projects!

Latibule Art got in contact with me after reading Don’t Call Me Cupcake 1. We ended up sorting out a big ol’ zine trade (lifeblood of the zine community!), and Latibule included some extras as well!

Check out those art skills! Colour me envious. πŸ™‚

Check out that pin! And what a lovely message on it, too.

Thank you, Latibule Art (not sure it’s okay to share the legal name, so playing it safe)!

This is a zine from across the big oceans blue from @Cavedweller71. It seems to be a very personal zine, so I’m playing it safe and keeping most of it covered. I apologise if that riles anybody. I want to share all my mail no matter what, so there we go.

Anyway, thank you to Andrew (aka cavedweller) for sending your zine and such a lovely note to go along with it. πŸ™‚

What a wonderful week for me and my post box. I am always stunned and grateful for the generosity of everyone who sends me zines and other goodies. ^_^

That’s me for the moment. I’ll be back soon with ZineWriMo day 13.

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