Happy Mail

Happy Mail From Germany!


Wowza! I was starting to get worried that this one had been lost to the postal gods, but it arrived safe and sound today. Very happy about that. This is from a woman on Swap-Bot who really wanted to try Tim Tams and other treats. So I sent some her way, and she sent me this massive pile of awesomeness. So happy. Stationery and sweets. That’s all it takes, really.


German newspaper! I asked her to send me a page from her local paper. I’m not sure what the attraction is, but I like seeing newspapers from around the world. And magazines, of course, but they tend to be heavy.

I did try for my life to upload/embed a little video of the goodies on the table. BUT it just wouldn’t upload and wouldn’t embed. So if you want to see a short shot of stuff, hear me speak, and hear me make a silly voice, check out my Instagram page.

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