Happy Mail

Happy Mail!


Woo! Plenty of happy mail to be happy about. I ordered a few bits and pieces for myself that have been sitting on my wishlist for ages (I’m talking years for a couple things).

(If I’ve already talked about any of these – oops! It’s been pretty crazy this month.)

I have some awesome masking stickers, adorable cloud sticky notes as well as little rabbit sticky notes (including a ninja!) from My Paper Shoppe on Etsy. I also received a couple of envelopes from the ol’ USA. One was a card to say hello and one hadΒ four mini-zines in it! Zines A Go Go on Facebook recently got a mailing list of sorts going. It was great to receive something so soon!

In the back is a large box that looks like it should have cling wrap in it. It actually contains Tim Holtz tissue paper. I’ve been after this stuff for ages for my mixed media canvases. Yay! Last up comesΒ The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I sampled it on Amazon and found it on Wordery. It’s a strange book in some ways, but it’s certainly a kick in the balls if you’ve been letting self-pity keep you from accomplishing [insert your creative endeavour].

I do love all the bits and bobs, but I find myself craving a fun international swap with lots of stationery, sweets and strange (just to keep with the alliteration) things. Posting to/from Australia is a beast, though, so that’ll have to be something I save up for.

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