Happy Mail

Happy Mail!

Happy mail, happy mail…

This week’s mail post is coming a little bit later than anticipated. I have been quite busy with my Etsy store, custom work, requests for my mad editor skills, and so on. Woo! Heaps on. I am so ready for a holiday. Anyway… to the mail!


This lovely is a trade from Sarah who has a StoreEnvy shop for her zines.


This is a trade for my Perfect Pocket Guinness Guide. It’s technically a free zine, but postage to Australia warrants a trade. Trade made possible by Zines A Go Go.


Last, another trade. This time, it was with Jenn Suxx on WMZ. Funnily enough, she mentioned international mail making her nervous, and the envelope arrived like this…


Not the worst condition I’ve ever received something in, but it had a rough adventure here. The good news is that the zines inside are in perfect condition.

Well, back to it! Plenty left to do!

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