Happy Mail

Happy Mail!

Hello, hello!

There’s not a lot in my mailbox for Happy Mail this week. I did receive two letters, though.


(I did think about blacking out my full name because 1.) Full name! and 2.) I prefer to go by ‘Nyx’, but it’s easy enough to figure out my legal name anyway.)

The smaller green letter is from a lovely woman in India who has some of the best penmanship! Crazy good stuff right there. I ‘met’ her on SendSomething.net – a great place to find other people around the world who love mail.

The other letter is an interesting one. He wrote that he found my name and address in an FB (friendship book). Talk about your past coming back to haunt you! Wow. I was pretty lonely when I first moved here nearly four years ago, so I put my name in a couple FBs. Then nothing.

Now, years later, a letter shows up out of the blue. Crazy! I almost wish I hadn’t put my name down, because I have sinced learned that I’m better with trades, swaps, sales and purchases than at writing lengthy letters about what goes on in my life. But it’s still pretty cool (and weird – definitely weird) to have something from so long ago pop up like that.

If anyone wants some FBs, let me know. I now have three.

Anyway, I’d better move along. There’s plenty to do!


  • Mushbugg

    I’ve had the same out-of-the-blue mail experience with Sendsomething. I go through waves of doing a lot of mail then not. And usually what prompts me back into writing is an off-the-wall postcard or something from that site. I guess having your info out there is both a blessing and a curse.

  • Nyx

    Yes, SendSomething can be a strange creature, but the majority of my experiences have been positive so far. It does provide more than a few mail surprises.

    • Nyx

      From what I understand (and have on my desk), they are little books made by someone or for someone. You put your address in there and pass them on to the next penpal. That person does or doesn’t put their address in them and sends them along to the next penpal. This way, they make it around the world. Or, at least, that’s the idea.

      I’ll post a picture.

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