Happy Mail

Happy Mail!

Oh, there’s nothing like beautiful mail on a beautiful day to make me feel at peace with the world. <3

Happy Mail From Zindelo

This arrival came from a group swap on Swap-Bot, which I’ve mentioned before. A group member just so happened to grant my wish of adorable mini-zines. And they’re meant to be coloured in as well! Here’s where I get so envious of those with artistic talent.

Happy Mail From Idle Emma

This lovely bit of mail comes all the way from Emma in Ireland, the very talented Emma of Puddle Side Musings!

I had the pleasure of sending Emma her very first zine, and she not only wrote me back but sent a gorgeous handmade notebook that I love. (No, you definitely can’t have too many notebooks!)

By the way, Emma has some of the nicest handwriting I’ve ever seen. I need to practice. 😛

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