Happy Mail

Happy Mail!

I have been a very lucky little vegemite with the arrival of a care package from my soul-sister-from-another-mister, Dark Wolf, as well as some zine mail from a new zine friend! Check out the mail art action happening on the envelope from the new zine friend:

Conspiratorial Zine Mail

And a pic of the back of the envelope. Love it!

Conspiratorial Mail Art

Because I took a few more pictures than usual of the zine goodness a la care package, I’m going to stick it behind a more tag…

I would have pictures of all the edible treats she sent along, but they might already be, erm, consumed.

What can I say? I’ve missed Chex Mix.

Anyway, this care package had some major zine action going on, and I am so excited.

Xerography Debt

I’ve been trying to get my hands on some of these for ages. You all know how much I like to start with the first of things, but sometimes you just can’t wait.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence

I saw this quite a while back, and I was thrilled to come across them completely by accident. I definitely want to get How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety as well.


I’m quite familiar with BDSM (more about that at another time), but I am very curious to read something from the perspective of someone who is active in that community (and may have to deal with the flack a certain book created).

Hot Pants Zine

I am so sick and tired of artificial this and that ruining my hair, my scalp, my skin, my digestive system… What better place to start with some natural healting?

Fat is Beautiful Zine

What can I say? You had me at the title.

Last but not least is a glorious goodie that I have been eager to get since I first read a thread on We Make Zines about what zines really influenced/stuck with people. So many people said Doris, so I just had to check it out. Lo and behold, there’s a whole bunch of them wrapped up in book form!


Doris Spine

So yes, I am a very lucky zine reader with amazing friends who keep me in Chex Mix and zines. Life is good, and I hope yours is, too.

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