Happy International Zine Month Days 7, 8, 9


Happy zine month!

I feel so unprepared for July. Like I’m running around trying to put on my socks and pants while trying to do ALL THE THINGS all at once. Is anyone else feeling like that?

I went back and forth a bit but decided that I wasn’t going to post IZM stuff on review days because I like the reviews to have the whole day to be the one post of that day. But thinking about that now and actually typing it out… I think I might be thinking about this all too much.

We’ll see how next week goes.

Anyway, because I am still trying to metaphorically pull on those metaphorical socks, I am going to switch things up here just a smiggle. But I will list what is actually listed for each day.

Day 7: Make some envelopes or postcards for postal week.

I mentioned in this post why I don’t do a lot of mail/envelope art, and that still holds true, unfortunately. So I saw this task and wondered if I really wanted to sit and make envelopes that I

Of course, it was only later that my mind registered the ‘or postcards’ part of the day’s task. Oopsie. Still, I want to go with my original plan and give a hat tip to the current king of mail art: Fishspit. Here’s some of his work:

Day 8: Make a flier for your zine to send with trades.

I have one of those!

Dear Anonymous

However, it’s only just occurred to me as I am typing this post that I might want to make a ‘Don’t Call Me Cupcake’ flier. I’ve only ever created fliers for zines that have calls for submissions. I’d never considered to announce or otherwise advertise (in flier form, anyway) DCMC. Hm. I want to get a new cupcake, if I decide to do it, but I’ll post here with any new fliers.

Day 9: Write a letter to a zine maker you don’t know.

One I don’t know? Huh. Well that’s an interesting pickle. Who do I write to…

I could get silly and pedantic, asking the definition of ‘know’, but I’m going to go with ‘someone you haven’t communicated with before’. I’ve only ever written to two zinesters before (keeping along that definition of ‘know’, that is): Sage of Fat-tastic and Ken of Ken Chronicles. I definitely need to write more responses in general.

It’s about 8.20pm right now, and I’m not going to write a letter tonight (I have a date with a novel I’ve been avoiding writing), so I’m going to defer this so I can have a think about who I want to write to.

Until tomorrow…

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