Fairy Godmother for Zinesters (Teehee)

Have you ever read something and, while you know there’s a whole bigger picture to what you’re reading, you can’t help but focus on one little detail?

That’s me today.

Carrie Mercer, who writes for a series I love – Xerography Debt – was kind enough to have a short chat with me about The Zine Collector.

Nyx struggles with anxiety issues and says she is โ€œmade of marshmallow fluff,โ€ which I think somehow makes her the perfect fairy godmother for zinesters.

Hehehe. What a gorgeous compliment.

Check out ‘The Zine Collector – Column by Carrie Mercer‘ if you’d like to read about the podcast and my thoughts about making it – or keep an eye out for it in Xerography Debt #43!


Your Thoughts?

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