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Don’t Call Me Cupcake 2


Last October (HOW DID TIME GO SO FAST?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!) I took an anxiety-filled dive into the world of making my first perzine. Up until then, my zines always had the focus of other people in some way, shape or form. I never really took a stance and talked about how I felt.

Mostly because I’m a chronic fence-sitter, and expressing my opinion on anything opens me up to criticism. And criticism makes me cry.

I wish I was joking.

Anyway, the whole thing was liberating. Wonderful. Yeah, I made some statements that are no longer true for me, but that’s life. People change. However, it’s been way too long between zines.

Before 2015 is out, I really want to create DCMC 2. The first zine was about introductions. Why I chose the name Nyx, an intro to my world of bipolar, an intro to my art therapy, etc. I have finally decided on the ‘theme’ for the next issue:


I do have some non-fear-related pieces to put in there to lighten up the mood a bit, but the main focus will be fear/s. I do deal with anxiety as well as decision-making phobia and so on. However, while I’m still in the planning stages…

Do you have any suggestions about a fear related topic you’d be interested in reading about? (Or another topic you would like me to write about.) Anything. A response to thoughts, a question, anything really… I am open to suggestions within reason, so if you have any, please let me know.


  • fishspit

    you do reviews! well hell! i’m gonna do a review right here! right now!
    here it is:
    don’t call me cupcake is written by an Australian broad who is one hell of a neurotic broad! freud would give up on this chick. but don’t call me cupcake is one of the few zines I keep at the head of my bed and read over and over. it’s that good!
    ok . . . that’s it!
    this site is the best fucking site going nyx! and you are the best reviewer in the world! but that’s between you and me! you tell anyone I said that i’ll sic a dingo on ya.
    fishspit out.

  • fishspit

    I don’t know why goddamned nyx don’t got cupcake 3 listed on her site!
    So i’m gonna do a review of cupcake 3 right here!!!

    Ha . . . ha . . . ha! I laughed and laughed!
    Should I have been?
    A review of “Don’t Call Me Cupcake #3!”
    By Fishspit.

    Hell . . . if you want to know what the hell I’m talking about here . . . get a copy of Nix’s splendid zine, read it, then read this review. I ain’t no goddamned poofter reviewer! But I’ll try!

    The Zinefest!! Nyx . . . you are kind of a wuss huh? Don’t get nervous . . . get fucked up! Go hurl on someone else’s table! All over their zines! Now there’s a good story . . . .your kicker for Cupcake #4.
    And I mean . . . that’s nice and all . . . you know . . . the woman coming over and buying cupcake . . . then coming back and buying a second . . . and then coming back once again to buy a third. But you should of drunkenly laid her out with one punch after shouting, “You’ve had enough cupcake you whore!” Now that would have been an exciting story! And fun! Fun! Fun!
    But I got you sussed Nix! You were so nervous you didn’t even go to the zine fest! You made it all up! Filled your little green picnic basket and took a picture . . . then took the zines out of the little basket, and put them on your table and took a picture. God you are a genius! Wise too! To avoid all those cretinous idiots that would go to a zine fest! Damn you are good Nyx!

    Remember Nyx! The golden rule: “If you can’t make friends make enemies!”

    “The care and the feeding of your new nyx!” Thank you for this wonderful guide! AS I recently found a little Nyx in my backyard. She was running away from a vole that was chasing her. I found this peculiar, since voles are such tiny timid creatures. I find it astounding that you could alienate a vole to such ferocity! But I saved that Nyx and plunked her in the cage where I used to keep my stick-bug collection.
    At one moment the damned Nyx was holding the edges of the bars on her cage and shouting at me! The next? Curled up in a ball kicking the hamster chips up over her head. Thank you for explaining this behavior in your excellent little tract in Cupcake #3.
    Yeah! That’s true of this Nyx! Let her out of her cage and she starts sweating, crying, and speaking loudly! All at the same time! This is quite a talent! I’m going to try to nurture it in my Nyx.

    Oh! The Nyx does not like unannounced visitors! That’s why my Nyx flips out when I open the cage to toss her a cat toy to play with! Oh!

    Yeah! I thought my Nyx was dead there for a minute! Boy did she go off when I reached in to take her out to flush her dead carcass down the toilette. Now I know! Nyx’s do hybernate!

    Oh this “Care and the feeding of your new Nyx!” guide is indespensible!

    And sweets! Jesus! And here I was giving her cat food!

    Read Nix’s great piece on getting a new flat mate! And oh! She has a piece in there called “Idiot of the Day!” I laughed so hard I blew coffee out my nose!

    Intense story about her and her husband Wanderer and some bad shit that went down! Not with Wanderer! No . . . it was one of his drunken cronies. Nyx . . . get mace . . . and mace those fuckers when they pull that shit! Intrigued! Read “Don’t Call Me Cupcake #3” (note! This zine is worth every cent you could spend on it! Absolute smash! So, if you can, be sure and send Nxy money for postage at least!)

    Idiot of the Day is a masterpiece . . . and although Nyx has an article discussing the pitfalls of comparisons . . . I highly recommend those who think they are neurotic to pick up this zine! Make a comparison! You’ll see that your life is pretty normal!

    This is my second most favorite zine in the world! I read it religiously . . . and though I think Nyx is a wuss . . . I adore her writing style and I adore “Don’t call me cupake!”

    I have truly never read a zine so neurotic in my life! But it is done with humor style and flair!
    My hat’s off to Nyx.

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