Done, Doing, Dreaming

Done, Doing, Dreaming


*I’ve finally got my technology working *knock on wood* so here is a picture of my mic that I didn’t get to post last DDD:

SGZ Gold Mic

*I updated the Zine Review Index, but not it needs updating again because I’ve slipped into once-a-month updating. Le sigh.
*In case you missed the post, I also put up a Zine Videos page.
*I’ve finally finished the audio for DCMC 1. I will let you know as soon as it’s up in Billy’s Bunny Ears Audio Zine Distro.

30th Birthday

*I also donned my too-small pink tiara and celebrated my 30th birthday. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.


*I am working on answering interview questions that came from Zine Nation!I am genuinely excited that anyone thinks I know enough about about anything to interview me. Haha.
*Dear Anonymous 5 and DCMC 5 are still in the works because I am very possibly incapable of getting organised…


*I’m still dreaming of and saving up for a badge machine. I have so many ideas.
*I’m also dreaming of the possibilities of videos, podcasts, so on and so forth. If you have a preference for a specific kind of media (YouTube, Vimeo, podcasting on the wide variety of sites, Snapchatting, something) feel free to start up a chat about it. Tell me who/where your favourites are.
*I’ve started dreaming about typewriters, but I’m not sure if the reality will be as awesome as the dream due to upkeep…

Your Thoughts?

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