Done, Doing, Dreaming

Done, Doing, Dreaming


Scrambling, scrambling before another small road trip. Sigh. I just want to be in my forever home…


*My quest to be more organised has been greatly helped along with the arrival of my Sea Green Zines notebook+. Yay for organising!
*I’ve mailed out zines to all the giveaway winners so far. A couple people still have yet to email me – don’t miss out!


Audio Zines

*This ^ has been my view for… I don’t know how many hours as I edit the audio for Don’t Call Me Cupcake 1. Things have been crazy with house stuff, so I’ve only been able to work on it here and there.
*I am working on that mini-zine… They’re more labour-intensive than you think.
*Dear Anonymous 5 is still in the works, so feel free to send those letters.
*I’m working on a special issue of Don’t Call Me Cupcake for #5…


*My birthday is next month, and I’m trying to dream up something fun to do…
*I’ve been dreaming big about a badge making machine, and I think I’ve picked out the machine that I’d like to get. Now to save up.
*I’m still far away from actually podcasting, but I am scripting out ideas and such.
*I am looking forward to putting out a few new calls for submissions for zine ideas I have swirling around in my head…

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  • fishspit

    hell yeah! goddamned sonofabitch for sure . . . don’t call me cupcake is the best fucking zine out there (along with tabi “harsh toke” vass’s “attempting normal”). nyx is screwed up! but she’s a fun screwed up! matter of fact, and i’m in league with the devil, so i know the kind side and usually hate it . . . and nyx lives on the kinds side . . . the foolish girl wants to help people and shit. good lord! but it would be a boring world without nyx and her cupcake! i wouldn’t wanna live in it. nyx is a fucking zine goddess! no way you’ll put this baby down . . . man . . . you snooze you lose . . . get this zine! and get all the others! send the poor gal some scratch . . . the dipwad chose to live in a shithole country without much culture . . . so i’m sure she has to post most of her cupcakes across the sea.
    but i guarantee it will be worth it! nyx is the shit!
    fishspit out!

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