Dancing in Tulips


Ah, Zine Ninja. He does love a romp through the tulips.

Kickass and I went for a bit of a walkabout today, enjoying the local tulip show-of-sorts and some nice weather. She puts up with my rambling, and I bask in her awesomeness. It really works out as a great friendship.

She’s the kind of person who will always encourage me unless she thinks it’s a really stupid idea. Even then, she’ll very nicely lay out the reasons why said action might not be the best thing. I’ve needed someone like that, because I’m at a phase where I’m not clear on the direction I want to go in.

However, there is something that I’ve been wanting to do in terms of mail… I’ll have to see how things go tomorrow (heaps to do!) but there might be a brand new shiny thing here on the blog. Maybe.

Until then…

Your Thoughts?

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