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    Festival of the Photocopier 2019 Zine Haul

    Hello, zine friends! Wanderer and I are back from the great state of Victoria where we tabled at the one and only Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne.

    Here’s a video of the great zines I picked up with plenty of chatter to go along with them.


    *Sticky Institute – http://www.stickyinstitute.com/
    *Festival of the Photocopier – https://www.facebook.com/events/2289444454621948/

    *Alex Wrekk – https://www.instagram.com/alexwrekk/
    *Portland Buttonworks – https://portlandbuttonworks.com/
    *Stolen Sharpie Revolution – http://www.stolensharpierevolution.org/
    (All zines mentioned in this section can be found on the Portland Buttonworks site if they are still in stock)

    *Wolfram – https://www.instagram.com/queercontent/
    *Queer Content – https://queercontent.press/
    *Queer Content 4 Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-queer-content-4-an-essay-on-w-h-audens-another-time/
    *Queer Content 5 Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-queercontent-5-sadvertising-an-attempt-at-healing/

    *Concrete Queers – https://concretequeers.com/
    *The Back Room – https://www.facebook.com/backroomcarlton
    *Safety House Guide Pozible – https://www.pozible.com/project/the-safety-house-guide-2019

    *Darcy – https://twitter.com/darcysrocks
    *Sensitive Adult Daily – https://twitter.com/sensitive_adult

    *Ania & Shamini – ?

    *Melissa J Stewart – https://www.instagram.com/melissaj_stewart/
    * https://melissajstewart.wordpress.com/

    *Dory Bean – https://www.instagram.com/dory.bean/

    *Ellie – ?

    *Tash – https://www.instagram.com/tash_tasha_tashy/
    *A Zine Thing – https://azinething.com/

    *J.E.M. Hast – https://www.jemhast.com/

    *Apples – https://twitter.com/celuran
    *Avery – https://twitter.com/averyflinders
    *The Chicken Collective – http://chickencollective.storenvy.com/


    My PO Box:

    Jaime Nyx
    PO Box 378
    Murray Bridge, SA 5253


    You Can Find Me At:


    Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/seagreenzines

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    That After Festival of the Photocopier Glow

    Hello, beautiful, wonderful zine friends! And welcome to new friends from Festival of the Photocopier as well as from the The Slubberdegullion Show on 4zzz in Brisbane!

    Wanderer and I are back home safe and sound (not for lack of a few trying! look before you switch lanes is all I care to say…), and we are slowly catching up with everything that happened while we were away.


    Festival of the Photocopier was amazing! And it was only possible for me to go thanks to the generosity of amazing zine friends. I really can’t thank you all enough.

    There will definitely be videos to come of the event, but I’m still run a bit ragged after all the travel and only managed to get this far with my unpacking and reorganising of zine stock…

    I do have some photos to share with you, however, should you care to have a peek and don’t want to wait until I get into video mode. I’ll stick them after the more tag.

    Show lots of love to all the gorgeous Sticky Institute (Twitter)(Facebook) volunteers who are very likely still in need of lots of sleep after all the hard work.

    Now for some photos!

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    Forever Cutting Cupcakes

    Special coloured cupcakes for the 10th issue of Don’t Call Me Cupcake

    I think it was a few years ago when I joked about ‘forever cutting cupcakes’ in preparation for Festival of the Photocopier 2016. Back then I only had a couple Don’t Call Me Cupcake issues and a few Dear Anonymous zine.

    I had no idea what a lot of cupcakes was. Haha.

    Hello, zine friends!

    Usually today would be the day for a Happy Mail Monday video, but today you have this post. Festival of the Photocopier is approaching, and I have been busy working away. What used to be a small job – five to ten copies of each zine, twenty of more popular ones – has become a big job with over forty zines to my name.

    That’s not to brag, of course. But with more zines than not needing handsewn binding (love ya staples, but I’ll never stop sewing!), it’s taking me a while to finish everything up.

    Honestly, my anxiety is rising as well. I’m doing much better than I did at this point a few years ago while prepping at Festival of the Photocopier 2016, but it’s still an energy suck nonetheless. One that I need to accept, give myself time for, and understand.

    That said, I know the zine fest will be amazing. I’m so excited to see so many zines, meet people, and be around so much zine goodness!

    I hope you’ll bear with me as the schedule needs to be adjusted while I try to prepare to make the most out of the zine fest. <3 Until next time.

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    10 Sleeps Until Festival of the Photocopier

    I spent nearly the entire day yesterday sewing zines, zine friends. I really, really need to get a thimble…

    Hell, dear and wonderful zine friends. I hope this post finds you doing well and enjoying life at the moment.

    Things have been incredibly busy here in the zine cave as I prepare for Festival of the Photocopier. There’s nothing like a zine event to make me realise how much time it takes to hand sew your zine binding. I do so love how it turns out, though, so just keep sewing…

    As you may already know, I’ll be travelling by car, and so there has been a massive stack of non-zine-related things to take care of before the trip as well. Part of that has been arranging for the car to be tuned up to make it a safe journey and to make sure we have enough petrol money to get us there and back.

    Some of that has already been taken care of thanks to the amazing generosity of friends and strangers alike. I’m incredibly grateful to know such amazing people. Thanks to them, we’re nearly to the goal for getting over to Festival of the Photocopier!

    If you have been considering donating to my Go Fund Me, now is go time. 🙂 GoFundMe does take a little time to go from the platform to the bank account, and it would be absolutely brilliant to have one less worry as the time draws ever closer.

    As always, thank you for your time. I’ll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled zine review.

    Until next time!

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    Looking at the Year Ahead

    Hello, zine friends!

    I intended to write this post much earlier in the month, but – as you may know – 2019 came out swinging.

    Wanderer ended up for a short stay in hospital. He’s feeling back to normal now, thank goodness, but the days were stressful, as he dislikes hospitals at the best of times and was a bit of a medical mystery to the doctor. Financial stresses keep piling up, any my own medical issues are proving annoying as they butt into my focus while I’m trying to focus on other things.

    However, I will leave all the negativity here and now. As I’m typing this. I have stressed, cried, wondered how it could all possibly work… and now it’s time to let go. Oh, the things are still there, but there’s a difference between dealing with the stressful things and focusing on them to the point where you feel like they will consume you.

    When I watched Feral Publication’s video, I felt inspired to put my focus on the positives. To the things I’m working toward. And to put those things ‘out there’ into the zineverse rather than containing them strictly within my head.

    Here are my goals for this year:

    *Finish all zine projects still ‘open’ from 2018
    *Make at least five zines
    *Submit to at least ten collab zines
    *Go to Festival of the Photocopier
    *Open the Sea Green Zine Distro
    *Read at least one book a month (I read heaps of zines but would like to read more books)
    *Finish the first draft of my next story (not sure if it’s novel-length just yet)

    There’s certainly a lot more that I’d like to accomplish this year, but I want my goals to be distinct from all the various things things on my to-do list. They are also ‘SMART’ – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

    I’ll stop my ramble here, friends, as I’ve wandered a bit more in the writing of this post than I thought I would. Haha.

    I wish you all the best in the year to come – whether you made your goals on New Year’s Eve, haven’t made them yet, or would rather not make goals. Should you be stressed or overwhelmed, I hope the universe provides you with everything you need to take it in stride.

    Best wishes always.

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    Happy New Year!

    Happiest of New Years to you, dear and wonderful zine friends!

    I hope your New Years Eve and New Years has treated you very, very well and that, if you indulged, you’re still feeling okay today. ^_^

    I spent the evening at home (surprise, surprise) but had a lovely time. Wanderer rang a really loud bell at precisely 5pm to remind me to stop working. Haha. We enjoyed good food and good company. Sometimes having a chill time at home is the best time. (But perhaps going out to see the fireworks next year.)

    Today I have felt pumped about the start of a fresh year, like I usually do. This year already has some unavoidable low spots in place, but I’m still feeling very positive about it all. (Though that could be because I had the spoons for a nice walk and a nice long shower this morning. 🙂 )

    I’m very, very happy to have accomplished the final stages of this today:

    My new zine storage system! Oh, my gosh. I have had those boxes ready to be folded into shape for – gosh – six months? And I finally got to doing it a few days ago. It took a long time because of a bit of extra taping and cutting needed to get the boxes just the way I wanted them for zine storage. These should last me quite a long time (though I may have to separate out more popular letters to individual boxes like S-T).

    This is the space above the shelves in the background of nearly all my videos. I usually have a weird assembly of bits and bobs up there, so it’s nice to have it be an actual dedicated space for something.

    The one annoyance is that I ran out of boxes. I have the alphabetical organising for one-offs and zines like that, but I like having boxes for individual zinemakers as well. That way I can keep all their zine awesomeness together in one place. I did have quite a few boxes, but I still fell short. (So if you don’t see your name and we trade a lot – that’s why!) I’ll be saving up to get more boxes in the future.

    There’s a lot to look forward to for Sea Green Zines in 2019, but I think I’ve prattled along quite enough in this post. Haha. I’ll be back soon with a post focused on what direction I’ll be steering SGZ in this year and a few fun things coming up.

    Until next time…

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    Sea Green Zines Over the Holidays

    Hello, zine friends!

    It is well and truly that time of the year when there is a lot going on, and a lot of people are making changes to their schedules. Online, offline – it’s pretty common to have a lot going on.

    That being said… things are going to carry right along here on SGZ. Holiday times are quiet times at the zine cave. No holidays fall on Thursdays/Fridays this year, so reviews will carry on as usual. I even have a bit of happy mail to open on Monday.

    Haha. Talk about a boring post for the day, but there it is. ^_^ I’ll be around.

    Whatever you’re doing or not doing, I hope it goes well and you have a good rest of the year.

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    Done, Doing, Dreaming – Mostly Site Stuff

    Very possibly boring site stuff. I’m not sure. Haha

    Hellooooo zine friends! And happy Tuesday which is kind of like a Monday if you also had a public holiday yesterday.

    I’m so tired. Haha.

    Today is the first ‘official’ day here on the new hosting. It’s not really that big of a deal, but it also feels nice to have a bit more freedom with what I do on the site – at least in the background. It also allows me to do some really cool things that I don’t quite want to announce until I’m closer to being ready.

    Super secret zine stuff, ya know.

    There’s still a lot of things to do – mostly tweaking and fixing things that don’t work. Right now the priority list is fixing all the embedded videos. Then I’ll move on to see what I can do with the various dead links.

    The Zine Review Index has finally been updated for the first time in quite a while. I still have to update and ramp up the Resources page.

    Special Note: If you’d like to subscribe via email, you can do so by checking out the sidebar on site. You’ll receive emails whenever I post something new. I’m not going to go the newsletter route.

    That’s me for today, I’m afraid. I’m a bit brain fried and tired. I will be back on Thursday for our regularly scheduled zine goodness.

    Until next time…

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    Slowly But Surely – Site Reworking

    Hello, zine friends!

    How’s it going? I hope you are well. It’s such a gorgeous sunny day here, and I’m so happy because I catch all of the afternoon sunlight in my office. I feel like curling up on the floor like a cat and napping in the glorious warmth. Haha

    Alas, there is always a lot to do, and the focus of my day has been getting the site move/site rework/etc all sorted.

    I’ve been working on getting the site all set up insofar as I’ve been doing all sorts of things – testing plug ins, themes, shops, etc – on a ‘spare’ URL I happened to have. I didn’t want any of my poking around to disturb the flow of things here. There’s likely to be some disturbance when I move the site over to my own hosting, but practise elsewhere means I’ll be able to keep it to a minimum.

    I’m pretty happy with how things are going, but I don’t want to say too much just yet because I don’t know exactly when I’ll get everything going for the digital move or what features look shiny but aren’t actually usable. Onward and upward, right?

    What are you working on? Let me know what’s happening out there in the world while I poke away in the digital world. Haha.

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