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    Something Good is Coming…

    Hello dear, wonderful zine friends!

    I know it’s been rather quiet around here lately. Especially with no mail coming in for Happy Mail Monday. However, I was invited to do something really fabulous today, and I’m so excited! The release isn’t in my hands, though, so I’ll be waiting along with you.

    I’ll give you a hint… You should start at the beginning and catch up with the whole series if you haven’t already!

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    Slight Delay

    Hey everyone. I’m going offline today and possibly tomorrow. Someone launched a rock through my back windshield with so much force that there are bits of glass all over inside the car. I’m a bit shaken up over it and the whole filing a police report for the first time. If I owe you messages/emails, I’m sorry. I will reply as soon as I can.

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    Small Note

    Rather than leave the day blank, I wanted to put up a small note to let you know I’m a bit under the weather at the moment. (Absolutely fine – it’s wonky autumn weather stuff.) Thank all your glorious hearts for bearing with me. I’ll be sleeping as much as possible for the rest of today and over the weekend so I can step into the new week with plenty of energy.

    Much love,


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    On YouTube & Happy Mail Monday

    Hello, zine friends!

    Yes, I really did film happy mail today and it’s on its way… Slowly.

    A few weeks back now (perhaps longer – my memory is a little fuzzy on the matter) YouTube made an improvement to the video upload system. I actually quite like it. It makes a lot of things easier as well as certain elements easier to understand.


    For some reason I can’t fathom, the upload time is absolutely horrendous. I’ve gone from being able to film, edit, upload, and post a video in one day to uploading taking many hours. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but it’s happened enough times now that I need to change around my schedule.

    With any luck, this week’s happy mail will be ready and rearing to go on (Oz) Tuesday sooner rather than later. From here on out, I need to rearrange my schedule so I can do the bulk of the work on Sundays rather than Mondays so I can do the posting part of thing on Mondays. (Yep, I love the alliteration of Happy Mail Monday that much. Haha.)

    I know I’ve asked this a lot in recent months, but please bear with me as I adjust.

    Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

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    ZineWriMo 2019 Day 9: Sharing is Caring: Connect with Other Zinemakers

    Hello, zine friends, and happy weekend if this is the start to your weekend. If it is not, happy day. 🙂 Today we have a Sharing is Caring Saturday, and the activity is…

    Sharing is Caring: Connect with Other Zinemakers

    Connecting with other people is one of many elements that makes the zineverse great, which is why listing other participants for events like ZineWriMo (and zine trades, and zine review zines, etc) is important to me. You can find the list of other participants at the end of each post this month, and there are other ways to connect, too!

    There is a ZineWriMo Facebook Group as well as the hashtags #zinewrimo and #zinewrimo2019 that you can check out on Instagram and/or Twitter.

    That is it for me today, wonderful creatives. Until next time, spread a little sunshine.

    Other Participants:


    Novice Zinester
    Herinza Syadza

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    September: The Month of Zine Reviews!

    Greetings from the zine cave!

    I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the week. My week is just flying by with heaps and heaps to do – not the least of which is…

    A Month of Zine Reviews!

    Cue dramatic music.

    Yes, my friends, I’ve mentioned it on YouTube, I’ve mentioned it on the podcast, and now I’m writing about it here. After all, this site is my virtual base of operations, so I should put a little somethin’ somethin’ on site when I make decisions like these.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, there are more zines coming my way that are specifically for review. I don’t like the prospect of making people wait too long for a review even though I know I could take it a bit easier on myself. (I hear y’all. Truly.) It’s with that in mind that I thought, “Why not a month of zine reviews? Why not one per day for September?”

    And here we are. Well, not quite yet, but September (and spring!) starts this Sunday, and I am busy making sure that you will get 30 zine reviews in 30 days.

    The usual stuff is going to happen – namely Happy Mail Monday and weekend calls for submissions. Plus the usual zine reviews happening this week on Thursday and Friday.

    So that’s all I wanted to say. I’m feeling daunted but excited. Plus a generous helping of happy about the prospect of bringing so much zine goodness to you next month.

    Until next time!

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    Technical Difficulties

    Hello, zine friends.

    I’m not sure if it’s my internet connection, YouTube, or both, but I’m having some technical difficulties here in the zine cave.

    I recorded and edited the Happy Mail Monday video, but it’s taken hours to get the video uploading. Now, the estimate for it actually being uploaded takes it well past when I’d like to go to sleep.

    What I’ve done is set it to auto-publish whenever it finally uploads. So it’ll be live on YouTube for quite a while before I post it here. But I will post it here as soon as I get to my computer in the morning.

    Apologies for the technical hiccups – wherever they are stemming from.

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    Sea Green Zine Distro is Now Live!

    Years ago while reading Stolen Sharpie Revolution, I said I would one day have a zine distro.

    Today, it’s live.

    I’m so excited! It’s still a rather small distro, but one must be slow and careful with these sorts of things. I’m proud as punch to finally take a big step in Sea Green Zines becoming an Australian distro featuring zines from zinemakers around the world.

    Not only that, but I’ll be able to offer my novels and various art projects as well. I also have a big list of people I want to contact to stock their work in my distro – but that has to be done as I can afford it.

    For now, click on the ‘distro’ link in the menu right below the header image, and check out the zines on offer.

    Thank you all for your wonderful support and enthusiasm. It’s helped me enormously.

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