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    Sea Green Zines Over the Holidays

    Hello, zine friends!

    It is well and truly that time of the year when there is a lot going on, and a lot of people are making changes to their schedules. Online, offline – it’s pretty common to have a lot going on.

    That being said… things are going to carry right along here on SGZ. Holiday times are quiet times at the zine cave. No holidays fall on Thursdays/Fridays this year, so reviews will carry on as usual. I even have a bit of happy mail to open on Monday.

    Haha. Talk about a boring post for the day, but there it is. ^_^ I’ll be around.

    Whatever you’re doing or not doing, I hope it goes well and you have a good rest of the year.

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    ZineWriMo 2018 is Coming!

    First off: I donโ€™t want this post to be seen as me taking any credit for ZineWriMo. The entire idea belongs to Kat (Twitter, Instagram), and I am just another happy participant. A happy zine enthusiast who whipped up a daily task list for the month last year and will be doing the same this year.

    What’s ZineWriMo?

    In Kat’s own words:

    ZineWriMo is a new idea that came to me in wanting to combine the original NaNoWriMo and zines!

    ZineWriMo is November! We focus on making one, or many, zines in November! Our only goal is to create zines, no word count requirement!

    While ZineWriMo is a ziney NaNoWriMo alternative, it doesnโ€™t have โ€˜one goal to rule them allโ€™ like NaNo has. (That being said, hat tip to ‘NaNo rebels’.) ZineWriMo is all about self-set goals and then getting in with the encouragement of the group to reach the goals youโ€™ve set. Then, if you want to, you can join in with the daily prompts.

    ZineWriMo has a Facebook group as well as a Twitter hashtag โ€˜group’(?) going.

    Be sure to stop back tomorrow when I reveal the list of prompts for every day of the month!

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    What’s Happening With Sea Green Zines?

    If the title of this post is at all alarming to anyone, I apologise. The TL;DR is that things have been a bit off track lately, but they will be on track again soon.

    I feel like I haven’t typed out a blog post here in quite a while. Well, not the off-the-top-of-my-head style post anyway. While everyone is always super supportive and understanding about any and all choices I make that are SGZ-related, I still want to be a person who informs you of those choices and lets you know what’s going on and why.

    In mid-July I had a small day surgery, and in late August, I received the results. While it’s not all sirens blaring, there is some cause for concern. I’d like to say I’m the kind of person that takes that sort of thing in stride, but it turns out I’m not. It put my head in a spin, and I could really only do the things most familiar to me – zine reviews and Happy Mail Monday.

    Today I’m in for another small day procedure which, fingers crossed, should take care of the lot and will give me the chance to put everything out of my mind for six months (when I have a follow-up op to see where things sit).

    I’m crossing fingers for everything to go smoothly so I’ll be back home and curled up in my recliner for the Thursday zine review. I’m also planning (with self-care wriggle room) that the next Zine Collector episode will be going up this coming Wednesday (26th).

    Thanks to all of you – because it is all of you – I am finally relaxing and understanding that it isn’t some grave insult if I miss something or have to delay something. For that, you all will forever have my gratitude.

    Know that I will be taking care of myself so I can get back to normal sooner and keep creating the things you love on Sea Green Zines.

    Much love,

    Nyx <3

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    Moving to Self-Hosting

    Hello, zine friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    This is just a quick post to let you know that I’m moving this domain – www.seagreenzines.com – over to self-hosting. Things may get a little confusing over the weekend, but I’m crossing fingers not too much and that it will all be over quickly.

    Things will continue to run as normal here – just under the WordPress domain – www.seagreenzine.wordpress.com

    Wish me luck!

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    The Zine Collector Podcast is Now on iTunes!


    Hello, zine friends. It took me a lot longer than it should have, but I am happy to announce that The Zine Collector is now available on iTunes. (Right here on desktop.)

    I feel like this is the final frontier. Haha. TZC is on quite a lot of Android podcast apps, but I know that it being on iTunes will make it easier to listen for my Apple user friends.


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    Special Announcement: 4ZZZ Interview with Zinemaker Sober Bob Monthly on Later Today!

    I’m representing Sober Bob by one of my favourite zines by Sober Bob. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amazing artist and zinemaker Sober Bob Monthly will be on 4ZZZ chatting about zines and all sorts of goodness – and you can listen in!

    Go to http://www.4zzz.org.au, hover your mouse at the top of the page, and click ‘stream 102.1FM’ to listen! The show is on *now* but the chat will start in a bit over two hours from when I am posting this.

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    Quick Note



    This post is just a quick note to let you know that I’m still having a smidge of trouble with my emails going into people’s spam folders. The thing I don’t know if is my email is blocking anyone. I do check my spam folder, but I’m not trusting the system right now.

    Anyway, the note is that if you have any trouble reaching me or are waiting on a reply for more than 72 hours:

    1. Check your spam folder.
    2. You can now email me at seagreenzines@gmail.com if you want to check in about anything.

    theauthor@inkyblots.com is definitely my preferred email, but if there’s anything super urgent or anything along those lines, the gmail address could be the go.

    That’s all for today. I’ll be back with a post tomorrow.

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