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Call for Submissions: New Zine on Male Survivors

abuseLooking for personal experiences or ideas written in first person, to go into a zine by male identified people about unpicking societies conditioning and sexual abuse. All comments, collaborators welcome, email me at

Mock up draft of what the zine could look like with subject ideas I’d like to write about. Male Survivors *Download link of articles I’m interested in, not for publication, I don’t own texts.*

I won’t edit your stories only copy and paste. I’d like 50% to be dedicated to unpicking abuse and learning good consent. But not necessary to include in every text if you feel your story stands alone as valuable experience.


Table of Contents

1. The Prevalence

2. Protective measures you can take and Risk Factors

3. The Impact of rape and sexual assault on men
Triggers – Smells, Baby Talk, Phones,

4. Implicit humiliation felt relating to certain Sex acts
Penetration, oral – other men counting up sexual conquests, Religion holding PIV up to the ultimate sacred. Kink – Dominant / Submissive desires, Bondage, Having eyes covered, misunderstand your kinks as you wanting to be demeaned, humiliated, tortured? Struggle with not being able to find an outlet for your sexuality, been let down by the prospect of getting to let go and felt pushed into not nice territory? Struggled to align your feminist identity with submissive desires?

5. Rhetoric around Abuse in the media – Public victim blaming
Jodi Arias, Shia LeBeouf, Lena Dunham, Cierra Ross, James Landrith, Mary Kay Letourneau and Debra Lafave

6. Societal Expectation
Compulsory Heterosexuality, Girl on Girl Competitive Hate, Men and Femininity, Men and women can’t be friends, Forced into sex to fit expectations; save time so can go to sleep, make the other person feel good about themselves, to fit a fantasy.
Body Image; growing objectification of men

7. Attitudes towards male rape survivors
Not Believed, Social standing / identity; ostracized, stigmatized.

8. The disclosure of rape
Disparity men/women how many victims of domestic violence acknowledge, report, seek services, support, shelter.

9. Male rape and disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender
Negotiating attraction in a relationship with someone questioning their sexual/gender identity or your own?
Wrestling with race essentialism or disability stigmatisation.
Body Image, dieting, survivor guilt and panoptical victim.

10. The use of male rape in university, prisons, military, war
Torture different by sex, felt as being emasculated

11. Sexual feelings during abuse

12. It’s not your fault

13. Finding community
In defence of women who date strong men (or patriarchs) to protect them.
Being the harmless choice of an abuse survivor.

Read more here.


  • jdcinsf

    I’ve documented my rape experience as a young gay may, assaulted by an older woman. Can I submit the novel where I document this experience? The novel is My Razzle Dazzle. Just published in 2015 under pen name Todd Peterson.

    • Nyx

      Hi there. This is a submission call that I’ve posted for someone else. I’m afraid I can’t answer on behalf of the person who put out the call.

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