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Call for Submissions: Grown Ass Lady wants YOU



We’re an online & print zine by and for women that chronicles the offbeat, opulent, vintage, and smutty side of life, with subversive humor and wit. GrownAssLady is a spot where like-minded gals can talk about owning who you are, being a rebel, and living without apologies. We think of ourselves as a female hedonist’s guide to life, and we’re looking to expand out community. GAL is looking for submissions for our online & printed zine so if you’re a writer, illustrator or artist and are interested, please drop us a line!

Born in the murky swamps of the suburbs and raised on a steady diet of trash TV, hypersexual R&B, and Pop Rocks, Jenny and Molly now live and work in Brooklyn, NY. They created Grown Ass Lady as a place to obsess about all things sleazy, strange, and beautiful.

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