Calls for Submissions

Call for Submissions: Egg Zine!


Announcing open Submissions for Egg Zine: A Fanzine for Eggs! To be released early next year as full color a pay what you can PDF.

I’m very excited to be editing my first group zine. We’ve already gotten many great private submissions for the project but now it’s time to open submissions for everyone.

We’re looking for any work related to eggs. Comics, poems, short stories, illustration, recipes, anything!

Technical notes: full color, keep the size to about 5.5” x 8”, up to four pages.

Please send all submissions, questions, concerns, etc. to Joshua Jarrett at at And remember the cut off date for submissions is New Years Day 2015.

I can’t wait to see the work and remember to like and reblog this post to spread the word!

Also, a special thanks to Lindsey for her great work on this poster!


Nyx says: How awesome is this? Eggs!

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