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    Zine Review: Rum Lad Issue 12

    Rum Lad Issue 12
    Steve Larder

    Rum Lad Issue 12 is an A5 black and white zine sharing Steve’s memories of his grandparents in words and drawings.

    I had a feeling this one was going to pull on my heart strings the moment I saw it. I wasn’t wrong.

    Rum Lad opens on the inside front cover with a beautiful dedication of this zine to his grandparents, both of whom have passed away. It is clear from the start that he admired his grandparents and loved them dearly. Other than Steve’s sweet words in regards to his grandparents, something else struck me as beautiful as well. Even in his grief, Steve writes:

    “…hopefully anyone reading this will be able to recognise and reflect on the familiar, yet ordinary tenderness that you might share with loved ones of any description.”

    It certainly did for me.

    Following two text-filled pages about their early lives are an assortment of drawings and comics encompassing some of Steve’s favourite memories. Most are one page long, and all are filled with a lot of love. Little anecdotes along with Steve’s awesome art style give such a rich impression of these memories.

    This zine is a heartfelt tribute to two people but also a realistic one with plenty of moments of humour to go along with the moments of sadness. From the footnotes that include ‘do keep up’ as well as the fun little moments with his grandparents, Rum Lad 12 took me through a full range of emotions.

    I really love the entirety of this zine and am grateful that Steve chose to share these stories. It feels wrong to ‘rank’ memories in any sort of way, but I do want to mention how Tesco Bag made me smile so much, and I keep smiling whenever I think about it. The memory is lovely in and of itself, but it also reminded me of how important the ‘little’ moments are in our lives.

    I think what impressed me the most is that Steve included both good and not as good memories. It’s all too easy to idolise those have passed away, brushing over the bad and focusing on the good. But Steve hasn’t done this, and that speaks to me as him being someone who wants to remember his grandparents for who they were rather than some idealised version.

    I also loved that he included stories of them as told by his brother as well.

    Steve’s art style is fantastic – a mixture of highly detailed and yet sometimes more simple. No matter what I’m looking at, I love looking at it.

    Absolutely pick up this zine. You know where it will end because of where it starts, but it’s beautiful and a zine I highly recommend.

    PS. I won’t spoil it, but when you pick this up, don’t forget to look at the page numbers. There’s a little fun something at the end of each memory.

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    Happy Mail Monday – Post Zinefest Exhaustion Edition

    Hello, and Happy Mail Monday. It feel so good to be home and back to the amazing mail that arrives in my post box. Check out the awesome things sent from friends near and far in this rather chatty video with plenty of mentions of other fun zine friends to check out.

    Thank you so much for watching.


    Awesome People/Places/Spaces Mentioned:

    *Anna Gecko –
    *Post Ghost Press – https://www.instagram.com/postghostpress/

    *Billy – https://www.patreon.com/iknowbilly

    *Sober Bob – https://soberbob.com/
    *Xyendra – https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZippityZinedraPress
    *Latibule – https://linktr.ee/latibule_art
    *Juli Jumprope – https://www.instagram.com/julijumprope/

    *Kackle – https://www.instagram.com/officialkackle/

    *WarGlitter – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhWqEQQ5lHcuG4cJOz3O9g
    *WarGlitter – https://linktr.ee/warglitter

    *Ryan’s Review of Carly Rae Jepsen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLC7pyi3O9g

    *Mr Zinester – https://www.instagram.com/shuffleplaycomics/

    *Henry & Fafa – https://www.instagram.com/henryjaepelt/ / https://fafapelts.blogspot.com/

    *Rawdays – https://www.instagram.com/rawdays/

    *Julia – https://twitter.com/JuliaPillai


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    Call for Submissions: Infidelity Zine

    Infidelity Zine open call

    Do you have a story to tell about infidelity? Perhaps you’ve experienced it because you were the person doing it. Maybe the person you’re with has done it whilst with you or in the past with other partners. Perhaps you witnessed your parents working through it. I’m looking to collect these into a zine to show the diverse spectrum of this part of human life. Please get in touch either by sending an email to sophie.a.w.sherwood@gmail.com or leave your story on the Sarahah page anonymously.

    This is open to all ages, races, sexes, genders, and doesn’t exclude people in the polyamorous community.

    Google says:

    1.The action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.
    “her infidelity continued after her marriage”
    synonyms: unfaithfulness, adultery, unchastity, cuckoldry, extramarital relations, extramarital sex; faithlessness, disloyalty, falseness, breach of trust, treachery, double-dealing, duplicity, deceit, perfidy, perfidiousness; affair, liaison, intrigue, amour; informalfooling around, playing around, playing the field, cheating, two-timing, hanky-panky, a bit on the side; formalfornication
    “her husband never knew of her infidelity”

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    Zine Review: Livor Mortis 1

    Livor Mortis 1

    Livor Mortis 1 is a zine a bit smaller than an A5 that contains black and white photography with a focus on skulls and skeletons.

    Livor Mortis 1 is a photography zine that opens with a haunting quote about “…the dead, piled high and pressed ‘neath the earth” from lemierre, a deceased Perisian, before leading you into the catacombs of skeletal photography…

    Skulls and skeletons are fascinating to a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. For me, it’s wondering about the human lives once held in and around the bones. Who were they, what was their life like, and how did they end up where they did? In that way, the black and white (as opposed to colour photography) really worked for me, stripping away another layer of identity and thus compounding the sense of never knowing.

    The photography itself feels… I think ‘unassuming’ is the best word for it. Photos feature skulls with fully clothed skeletons, slightly mummified remains, skulls piled high in a sort of macabre room decoration. There are no ‘artistic angles’ (I’m not taking a shot at that – I do it myself) nor does it feel like anything was set up as such; the subject matter of the photos is curious and intriguing all on its own.

    I didn’t find myself wondering why the photographer took a picture this way or that – I was too busy wondering about the individuals in the photos. When there weren’t so many skulls as to overwhelm the imagination, that is.

    I think there is an obvious level to this zine being one that you will likely know already whether you want to check it out. I found it strangely curious in the way writers – especially horror writers – are curious about things.

    I will say that if you are curious, do check it out, because there’s more to come in the rest of the series…

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    Zine Review: A Visitor in Myself #1

    A Visitor in Myself #1

    A Visitor in Myself #1 is a black and white ¼ sized stream of consciousness zine about therapy, therapists, antidepressants, and more.

    I started this zine series with #2 – https://www.seagreenzines.com/mini-zine-review-a-visitor-in-myself-2/ – and being able to go back to start at the beginning is not only soothing for my completionist heart but also gives me a chance to learn about the motivations that had Nichole starting the series in the first place.

    “I’m working on myself and my life every day. It isn’t so much having a positive outlook on life as it is the desire to make change. Evolve and live.”

    A Visitor in Myself #1 opens with a handwritten note from Nichole about how this is a stream of consciousness zine, how Nichole is (at the time of writing) contemplating the idea of antidepressants and how big of a step that is for her. From there, we take a gentle slide into a stream of typewritten thoughts with handwritten notes interspersed throughout.

    Nichole mentally wanders through self-examination, pointing out tendencies like pushing people away before they can leave her – and regretting it, unhelpful ways of coping, and things like knowing she shouldn’t feel afraid to ask for help… but struggling to do so anyway.

    As per usual with Nichole’s zines, I found myself nodding along with the things I’d felt myself and even rolling my eyes at the therapist who didn’t think she was living with Borderline Personality Disorder because she didn’t lack empathy. I don’t think anyone would accuse me of lacking empathy, and I’ve had my diagnoses (including BPD) confirmed on multiple occasions. But I’m not a professional. Still, this is what Nichole’s writing does to me. It draws me in with its laid bare vulnerability and has me saying, “You’re not alone!”

    Nichole also writes about anxiety and dissociation as well as her experiences and feelings around borderline behaviour. Her writing is a wonderful mixture of clarity while also still coming to grips with everything that being borderline encompasses.

    Having ready many of Nichole’s Pieces zines, I couldn’t help but compare this zine to them. Would they stand out, or would they feel like Pieces under a different name? (I certainly wouldn’t complain either way, given how much I love Pieces.) The differences, I feel, are subtle. This zine has a bit more of a ‘wild’ element with a touch more cut and paste, more pictures, and definitely more handwriting. I feel a vulnerable curiosity coming through these zines that feels like a different angle of Nichole’s personality shining through. I like it.

    Nichole is one of those zinemakers whose zines I will always read. I identify with so much and find the things I don’t identify with interesting. I’ve been looking around for more zines about Borderline Personality Disorder and, lo and behold, I had one in my zine stack already.

    This zine is an interesting, open exploration of mental health/illness, and I recommend checking it out.

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    Festival of the Photocopier 2019 Zine Haul

    Hello, zine friends! Wanderer and I are back from the great state of Victoria where we tabled at the one and only Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne.

    Here’s a video of the great zines I picked up with plenty of chatter to go along with them.


    *Sticky Institute – http://www.stickyinstitute.com/
    *Festival of the Photocopier – https://www.facebook.com/events/2289444454621948/

    *Alex Wrekk – https://www.instagram.com/alexwrekk/
    *Portland Buttonworks – https://portlandbuttonworks.com/
    *Stolen Sharpie Revolution – http://www.stolensharpierevolution.org/
    (All zines mentioned in this section can be found on the Portland Buttonworks site if they are still in stock)

    *Wolfram – https://www.instagram.com/queercontent/
    *Queer Content – https://queercontent.press/
    *Queer Content 4 Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-queer-content-4-an-essay-on-w-h-audens-another-time/
    *Queer Content 5 Review – https://www.seagreenzines.com/zine-review-queercontent-5-sadvertising-an-attempt-at-healing/

    *Concrete Queers – https://concretequeers.com/
    *The Back Room – https://www.facebook.com/backroomcarlton
    *Safety House Guide Pozible – https://www.pozible.com/project/the-safety-house-guide-2019

    *Darcy – https://twitter.com/darcysrocks
    *Sensitive Adult Daily – https://twitter.com/sensitive_adult

    *Ania & Shamini – ?

    *Melissa J Stewart – https://www.instagram.com/melissaj_stewart/
    * https://melissajstewart.wordpress.com/

    *Dory Bean – https://www.instagram.com/dory.bean/

    *Ellie – ?

    *Tash – https://www.instagram.com/tash_tasha_tashy/
    *A Zine Thing – https://azinething.com/

    *J.E.M. Hast – https://www.jemhast.com/

    *Apples – https://twitter.com/celuran
    *Avery – https://twitter.com/averyflinders
    *The Chicken Collective – http://chickencollective.storenvy.com/


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    Jaime Nyx
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    That After Festival of the Photocopier Glow

    Hello, beautiful, wonderful zine friends! And welcome to new friends from Festival of the Photocopier as well as from the The Slubberdegullion Show on 4zzz in Brisbane!

    Wanderer and I are back home safe and sound (not for lack of a few trying! look before you switch lanes is all I care to say…), and we are slowly catching up with everything that happened while we were away.


    Festival of the Photocopier was amazing! And it was only possible for me to go thanks to the generosity of amazing zine friends. I really can’t thank you all enough.

    There will definitely be videos to come of the event, but I’m still run a bit ragged after all the travel and only managed to get this far with my unpacking and reorganising of zine stock…

    I do have some photos to share with you, however, should you care to have a peek and don’t want to wait until I get into video mode. I’ll stick them after the more tag.

    Show lots of love to all the gorgeous Sticky Institute (Twitter)(Facebook) volunteers who are very likely still in need of lots of sleep after all the hard work.

    Now for some photos!

  • Calls for Submissions

    Call for Submissions: The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine

    The Rock N’ Roll Horror Zine
    Submissions Now Open

    Looking for rock, metal and punk themed horror, sci-fi, pulp and bizarro fiction submissions up to 2,500 words. Also interested in visual art submissions that are on theme, especially cover art.

    Accepted submissions receive $5 and a contributor copy.

    Email submissions to doomgoat666@gmail.com

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