A Bit of a Pickle: Zine Reviews

I think zine reviews could really help round out this blog. (And give it more content. Let’s just call that kettle black.) I was doing reviews for a while before life took me away to other things.

Now that I’m ‘back’, I’ve learned a few things about review in the book world. Specifically, I’ve learned about the stigma that exists against authors doing reviews of other books. The thinking is that there is some sort of conflict of interest (I’m not sure how, as any writer worth their brass does a lot of reading) but also in that it opens the author to ‘revenge reviews’ and the like.

I’d like to think that sort of nonsense doesn’t exist in the zine world, but am I naive in thinking so? In hoping so?

I’ll probably go ahead and do it anyway, but if people aren’t inclined to me doing so… shout out!

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