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    Queer Collaborations 2018: National Australian Queer Student Conference

    Photography/design Tayla Lauren Ralph

    Queer Collaborations (QC) is the national Australian queer student conference. This year it will be hosted at UQ in Brisbane from 1st – 7th July 2018!

    QC is a platform for queer student leaders to come together and collaborate on advocacy projects and campaigns, share knowledge and resources and devise national policy with the aim to help connect queer students across Australia. Traditionally it is hosted at a different university each year in July over the mid-year holiday break for many universities.

    UQ Union (UQU) Queer Department successfully won the bid to host in 2018 and therefore the QC Organising Committee (QCOC) is made up of volunteer members from UQ Union’s Queer Collective (UQUQC) with support from the University of Queensland and the Australian Queer Student Network – the national peak body for queer students across Australia.

    The conference is governed by it’s own Standing Orders as well as Safer Spaces Agreement. On average there are 200 student participants and invitations are sent to the wider queer community to attend as observers for specific events during the conference week. This year we are introducing new events to connect people in different ways including a guest plenary presentation, formal seminars, welcome luncheon, Brisbane queer culture and history tour and a national awards night!

    For further information regarding the conference, please contact the QC Organising Committee at: qc2018brisbane@gmail.com

  • Calls for Submissions

    Call for Submissions: Plump the Post

    Plump the Post! is a mail art project centering and celebrating fat queer and trans folks–and submissions are now wide
    open! Please send plush postcards, packages, enveloped things, curiosities, and all other miscellany that can be mailed.

    Plump the Post! welcomes drawings, photographs, scrawls, sketches, typographic art, scribbles, fiber art, self-portraits, collages, mixed media, sculpture, comics, abstract art, and any other mailed creation that reflects queer and trans fat liberation, however obliquely. Identifying as an artist is not required, being a “good” artist is not necessary, not one bit.

    Submissions will be photographed and shared (with permission, attribution, and obscured addresses) via a social media gallery. In Fall 2018 participating mail artists will receive a zine anthology (physical copy) featuring all contributions.

    Deadline: September 19, 2018

    Email plumpthepost@gmail.com to get the address for mailing your work or to ask any questions. Please submit, please spread the word, and please plump the post!

    This project was funded in part by a grant from
    NOLOSE (www.nolose.org), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

    [Image: Background is a colorful array of stamps, papers, pens on a tablecloth with astrological symbols. Illustration of a lilac envelope exploding with pink hearts in the lower right-hand corner. White foreground reads, “Fat Queer & Trans Mail Art/Plump the Post!/plumpthepost@gmail.com.” A constellation of decorative dots on the foreground and background.]

  • Zine Reviews

    Zine Review: This Asian American Life

    This Asian American Life
    Katie Quan

    This Asian American Life is a ½ fold full colour comic about Katie’s life and being an Asian American.

    I know I usually don’t open with the aesthetic side of things, but hello smooth paper and great use of colour.

    This Asian American life opens with a prologue about the zine and a bit, one-panel comic full of Katie’s comic self sitting in the middle of a lot of speech bubbles. Each speech bubble was filled with something Katie has no doubt heard more than once. Things that made me very sad knowing that people could say things like “Too rich to have a ‘real’ POC experience”. It did snap me awake to the fact that this zine wasn’t going to be all fuzzy lala. As Katie writes:

    “…hopes to provide one perspective as a way of inviting dialogue about race/ethnicity, gender, and a coming of age experience.”

    That being said, all lives are multi-faceted. This comic has funny moments as well as sad and politically charged moments. Katie’s comics cover things like being a new(ish) driver, tired days, toxic relationships, and feeling ‘between race’.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, this zine has very nice paper that really serves the art. I like Katie’s use of colour – keeping things mostly to a certain range like reds, greens, or blues. There are smaller details in different colours, but I think this is the first time in a long time I’ve noticed something like that.

    I don’t want to call Katie’s art style minimalist because I didn’t take nearly enough art classes to know if that’s an accurate description. The comics are, for the most part, one-page comics with some of them only made up of one or two panels. The details included are the necessary ones and no more, really. (It’s amazing how much can be expressed with eyes and eyebrows alone.) It’s sweet and inviting and doesn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed that I may miss something.

    Overall, I highly enjoyed this zine. I feel like it was the beginning, though, and I want more! Haha. I look forward to checking out more of Katie’s work.

  • Zine Reviews

    Mega Mini-Zine Review: ZineWriMo 2017 Pack

    ZineWriMo 2017 Pack
    Samantha Riegl

    ZineWriMo 2017 Pack is a pack of 11 mini-zines – one ‘main’ one covering ZineWriMo 2017 prompts, and ten made when the prompt for the day call for making a zine.

    I love this, I love this, I love this. Plus, my bias is that I created the ZineWriMo prompt list. Just in case you don’t have time to read the whole review. Haha.

    I decided to review these zines as a bundle not only because they are all related but also because I really love this idea of ‘interconnected’ zines like a puzzle or separated chapters of a book that add extra content to the main book.

    The ‘main’ zine is a gorgeously chunky little zine. It opens with the prompts list, and I was delighted to find a table of contents (not usually a feature of the A7 sized zine) followed. It was so much fun to read about another zinemaker’s process and their interpretation of the prompts.

    Whenever I came to a ‘make a zine’ prompt take, I almost felt like I had a sort of advent calendar. Bonus content. It made for a different sort of zine reading experience putting aside the main zine so I could look at the next mini. Each additional mini has the day of ZineWriMo it corresponds to on the back (except the ‘wordless zine’ day mini) just in case, like me, you drop them and they get a little mixed up.

    Blackout Poetry and ‘How to Pronounce Zine’ are my equal favourites – the latter making me chuckle. However, I do think I really need to check out Animal Crossing now.

    I think this is a great, fun zine set, and I really hope people check it out (and feel inspired to make their own come November!).

  • Done, Doing, Dreaming,  General

    Done, Doing, Dreaming – Mostly Site Stuff

    Very possibly boring site stuff. I’m not sure. Haha

    Hellooooo zine friends! And happy Tuesday which is kind of like a Monday if you also had a public holiday yesterday.

    I’m so tired. Haha.

    Today is the first ‘official’ day here on the new hosting. It’s not really that big of a deal, but it also feels nice to have a bit more freedom with what I do on the site – at least in the background. It also allows me to do some really cool things that I don’t quite want to announce until I’m closer to being ready.

    Super secret zine stuff, ya know.

    There’s still a lot of things to do – mostly tweaking and fixing things that don’t work. Right now the priority list is fixing all the embedded videos. Then I’ll move on to see what I can do with the various dead links.

    The Zine Review Index has finally been updated for the first time in quite a while. I still have to update and ramp up the Resources page.

    Special Note: If you’d like to subscribe via email, you can do so by checking out the sidebar on site. You’ll receive emails whenever I post something new. I’m not going to go the newsletter route.

    That’s me for today, I’m afraid. I’m a bit brain fried and tired. I will be back on Thursday for our regularly scheduled zine goodness.

    Until next time…

  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail Monday – Busy Edition

    Happy Mail Monday, zine friends! My space is messy, my hair is half-dry, but I’m happy to be sharing my awesome mail with you this week.


    Thanks to the wonderful zine friends who sent me mail:

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    Article: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/08/the-real-meaning-of-ich-bin-ein-berliner/309500/
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  • Calls for Submissions

    Call for Submissions: Tender Zine Distro

    TZD is a zine distro created to erase stigma around chronic illnesses (including mental illness) and to educate people about what living with chronic illness is like.

    One zine/print a month will be featured and all money raised from each work will go to a different charity.

    Facebook: facebook.com/tenderzine

    The first work featured is by me (Amber is Blue) and it focuses on my battle with major depression. All money raised goes to Lifeline Australia.

    We’re looking for submitters: email amberisblueart@gmail.com for further information.

  • Announcements

    Moving to Self-Hosting

    Hello, zine friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    This is just a quick post to let you know that I’m moving this domain – www.seagreenzines.com – over to self-hosting. Things may get a little confusing over the weekend, but I’m crossing fingers not too much and that it will all be over quickly.

    Things will continue to run as normal here – just under the WordPress domain – www.seagreenzine.wordpress.com

    Wish me luck!